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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grub Lab?

Grub Lab is a fun way to make family dining amazing! Using innovative augmented reality technology Grub Lab revolutionises the way families dine for the better. Grub Lab is taking the hospitality industry standards to the next level.

What do I get when I purchase Grub Lab?

Grub Lab is a system comprised of two components: Food Lab and AR Gaming.

The Food Lab is made up of a meal builder and meal selector. The meal builder and meal selector include two iPads which, upon installation, will be attached to a Grub Lab branded, A0 sized panel, QR cards and a point of service (POS) terminal.

The AR Gaming is an app which engages the imagination of the youth that is intrinsically linked to the food lab through certain collectable features. These features linking the meal selector and the app is what will encourage and educate children about dining in venues and the food they offer.

When will I get it?

The estimated time between registration and installation is between 2-3 weeks.

How does it work?

Grub Lab being a product for venues and their customers, the user experience works differently for who is using it. Bellow is a detailed step by step process for how it works from a first use experience, including steps exclusively experienced from the venue.

  1. Install Grub Lab & put up posters
  2. Families are directed to use the Food Lab
  3. Children pick up a tag and scan it as directed by the Food Lab
  4. Children order their meal and then receive a character as a result of ordering their meal
  5. Children take their tag and give it to their parents to use when they order their food.
  6. Parents order their meals, wait staff scan the tag, and relay that to the parents who either approve or make changes to their child’s meal
  7. After meals are ordered the parent/s are given a receipt and corresponding colouring in page (code on the receipts relate to the colouring ins) for each of the children’s meals.
  8. The colouring in page also includes instructions on where and how to download the app and character collection, and subsequent
  9. The child scans the QR code and receives a collectible character card in the app
  10. The child then colours in their characters and views it in AR and has its little mind blown

Where do I put the panel?

Because this device will be used by children it is best situated away from bars and not far from parent supervision.

How do I sign up?

Go to this link or ask a PFD Representative

How much does it cost?

$127.00 per week RRP and $1950.00 for install, although check with your PFD representative, you may be eligible for free installation and 6 monthly rebates. With PFD rebate it could be $67/ week or even $0.


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